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_____________SaturdayDecember31st2010London, England

Aha! That was 2010!

Sitting in Heathrow, and this is the first time in awhile that I've had time to blog - and thanks all you guys who read this - sporadic as it has been.

A recap of 2010, for me professionally.The year started on New Year's Day 2010 - remixing the Deep Purple album, Come Taste The Band. A couple of days later we went into the studio and cut four exploratory tracks with the guys that became known as Black Country Communion - and it wasn't too long before we had the debut album in the bag, and after an uncomfortable semi-public spat between me and a band member, everything turned out fantastically. the record has done very well, and I am flying home from having produced the first of the Black Country Communion gigs in England - all SOLD OUT and blisteringly good too. In my mind, the best Rock Act of their ilk out there. Not that they'd challenge the mighty Maiden for spectacle, because Maiden is the best live show in the world, in my opinion, but they do have 30 years of experience and material to draw from. Speaking of Iron Maiden, right after the BCC sessions, I headed out to Nassau in the Bahamas and spent the next six weeks cutting the new Iron Maiden album, The Final Frontier. Downtime in Nassau was spent finishing the BCC record. February into March saw me mixing the album in The Cave, my studio in Malibu, as well as another unreleased as yet album which is sure to surface soon and make some waves. In late April, I bicycled up the coast from Los Angeles to San Francisco, where I started producing the forthcoming Journey album. We had only planned on finishing five or six song that month and had planned to continue in November, but we got quite a lot done, and that ended up being the bulk of the tracking sessions. May was spent mixing an album for a South African band called Prime Circle, and the album Jekyll And Hyde reached the #1 slot there and has done very well for them. June was my time off - and I took my family and headed to Santorini to meet all my Australian family, where we celebrated a milestone birthday at my favourite place in the world, with my favourite people!!! Just an awesome time. In mid July I went to Switzerland to produce an unique show with Joe Bonamassa and his band, incorporating some Greek musicians for a concert (and soon to be record) at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Then it was off to Budapest for my annual F1 pilgrimage, and then straight back to Santorini for the month of August where we layed down some of the new tracks for Joe Bonamassa's new album, which is due out March 22, 2011. And it's a real blinder of an album too. Back home to L.A. and straight into the studio with Mr. Big, where we had a super-tight schedule which we filled to the brim with a handful of energetic rock tracks by the world's most accomplished virtuosos! Their new album, What If... came out in Japan this year, to ecstatic reviews and has done very well, and is due out in Europe and the States early next year. October was taken up mixing and assembling Mr. Big tracks and assorted odds and ends that needed addressing, and as we decided to have someone else mix the new Journey record I'd produced, I took the November time to work on the forthcoming Joe Bonamassa album, doing some mixes - as well as heading to Nashville and recording down there, where Vince Gill joined in on a couple of sessions too, which was just fantastic. I also had the opportunity to work with a hero of mine in John Hiatt, and after a terrific session, we've slated more recordings for next year, which is so exciting for me. John also makes an appearance on Joe Bonamassa's new album, and loved Joe's version of I Know A Place from Joe's Black Rock album. So a great month in November. David Kalmusky and Neal Schon did a terrific job of mixing the Journey record, and I did a few mixes for them as guidelines, and they took their time doing it and sent them to me, and it was a great collaborative effort. Look for that next summer... And here we are in December, and it too has been jam-packed. We began a record of tunes with Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa, which is going to show a different side of them, and it's so cool. Hopefully we'll get that out by next September (which is the plan). And then it was over the pond right before the Christmas meal had even settled, and I dug into producing the first live Black Country Communion shows, which were exceptional, and the second of which was last night. And six hours later, here I am at Heathrow airport, heading home to my long-suffering wife and gorgeous babies, who need their daddy home for a bit. And I cant't wait!!!

Happy New Year, everyone. Thanks for all the kind words and greetings through the year, and hopefully next year will bring even greater music - I think it's a homerun with the relelases schedules, and the studio stuff ahead looks very promising, but you'll have to check it out for yourselves.



Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham, Joe Bonamassa

_____________SaturdayDecember4th2010Malibu, CA

So sorry if you're a fan of the blogging, and I've disappeared. The good thing is I am very busy. Not enoough to have two infant babies, I have also been working on sessions with Deep Purple, Joe Bonamassa, Vince Gill, John Hiatt, Journey, Iron Maiden as well as a brand new album for Mr. Big called What If... which is out late December in Japan and early 2011 in the States. So..... not a whole lotta time to blog - but I do update a Caveman! Facebook page, so please feel free to join us there.

A new interview for Music Radar here


_____________SundayAugust22nd2010Santorini, Greece

Not sure if anyone still reads these blogs - it appears I'm an infrequent blogger at best these days.

The last few months have been a blast. We came to Santorini, which may be my favorite place on earth, to celebrate a landmark birthday of mine, at the end of June. All my siblings and my parents came from far and wide to celebrate with us, and after they'd gone, my wife's family visited - so a lot of fun was had by everyone. No work was done, and I really enjoyed the break, swimming in the Aegean, wonderful Greek food and spending time with all my kids.

In mid July we went to the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, to record and produce the live set Joe Bonamassa played there, and at the request of the festival head honcho, Claude Nobs, we took some great Greek musicians to recreate some of the textures we had featured on Joe's Black Rock CD. It was a very cool show and it was a real trat to meet Claude and Quincy Jones who I respect so much - he's a REAL producer!

At the end of July it was time to do some work, so my wife and kids headed back Stateside while I stayed in Santorini to begin work on Joe Bonamassa's next studio album at Black Rock studios, where we recorded Joe's previous album. Joe and I started with a little sidetrip to the Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix, where we lavished in the pits and Joe got to do pics with some drivers and a grid walk before the main race. Then it was back to work - and Joe has been so hard at it with all his live touring, that new tunes were in very short supply. Nonetheless, we've managed to conjure up eight great new songs (although one has been inadvertently erased by an engineer who's no longer with us!), so we've got seven and a half recorded songs that we're finishing up - and there are some gems in there!! Only another week or so here and I'll be back to begin a new album with another band in Los Angeles.

In the meantime, the new Iron Maiden album is just out - and looking like it's going to be the highest charting album they've had. I get my share of emails about things, both complimentary and insulting, but it's all part of the business, I guess. Some of the personal stuff is disheartening, but I suppose the passion is formidable.

Look out for my Iron Maiden studio diaries which I jotted down during the making of the album in the Bahamas earlier this year, which we'll soon be posting on the www.ironmaiden.com website (once Rod has edited out all the juicy bits, no doubt!).

Also out soon, is the Black Country Communion album, and I am really excited about this band, and this record - and even more excited that it looks like we'll be making another record sooner rather than later! It's out on September 21st.

More updates, pix and postings on the Caveman! Facebook page. 'Til next time - banzaaaaaiiiiii!!!




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